Tried many things – RDI works!

I truly believe that the RDI program has helped me, my family, and my autistic child live with autism and have hope for a better quality of life.

My daughter has been in the RDI program for one year now since she was diagnosed at age 10 with ASD, Anxiety, and ADHD. She is a high functioning yet explosive child, with an IQ of 140. She had good grades, but I was always getting calls from the school that she was becoming aggressive with the other children. She was frequently getting bullied by the other children in her class and our neighbourhood. I was overwhelmed when all of the parenting strategies that I tried, failed to help her with her social challenges and aggressive explosive behaviors. We had tried social skills groups, anxiety groups, counseling and various other supports. It has been a year with many ups and downs, but she is showing consistent improvement that I could not have even expected this time last year. Her school noticed a significant improvement with her social challenges, dynamic interactions with other children, flexible thinking, willingness to discuss issues and a decrease in her explosive aggressive behaviours. She is now off of the medications that were prescribed to her when she became self-harming and physically aggressive at age 7. Due to the strong parent training aspect of the RDI program, I now better understand how to cope with her behaviors, and feel much more competent and able to help her decrease and handle her meltdowns. Most importantly, I am able to be a better parent now that I have support and have a path to take to help her.

Blair Armstrong has been patient and led us through this program with compassion and understanding at a professional level.

His experience in supporting families with ASD is fundamental to his understanding of our challenges. I truly believe that the RDI program can help you, your family, and your autistic child live with autism and have hope for a better quality of life.

– G & E, Fraser Valley