I wonder why he does that?

Is Dr Ed Tronick describing ASD or Chronic Stress?

The chronic experience of failure without
recovery has a catastrophic result:

1. [Unavailability] The infant establishes a self-directed style of avoidance behavior. (i.e. turning away, escaping, becoming perceptually unavailable) to control negative affect.
2. [Fearful responding] Avoiding potential negative affect becomes the infant’s primary goal and preempts other possible goals
3. [Loss of trust] With accumulation of failure, the infant develops a representation of himself as ineffective and of the caretaker as unreliable.
4. [Indiscriminate defensiveness] To the extent that these self-directed regulatory behaviours are successful in controlling the negative affect, the infant begins to deploy them automatically, inflexibly and indiscriminately.
5. [Pre-empting opportunities] Pathological behaviours develop which preclude the anticipated experience of negative affect, even in situations where it might not occur.

Dr. Edward Tronick, Harvard