About Curious Minds

Curious Minds specializes in certified RDI, PLAY Project and DIR Floortime therapy and is well connected to a network of top professionals who can help you with the rest of your support needs.

We follow the science on child development and believe strongly in meeting a child where they are at developmentally and harnessing the primacy of the emotional connection within the parent-child relationship.

We’re friendly, we listen and we are totally committed to helping you to realize your parenting and child’s true potential.

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We provide supports for families and individuals with autism as well as other developmental and processing differences. Whether you have recently received a diagnosis and need help with where to go from here or you are ready to make a meaningful change, let our experience support and guide you.

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We had tried social skills groups, anxiety groups, counseling and various other supports.

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Tried many things – RDI works!