What is RDI?

RDI ® stands for Relationship Development Intervention and was developed by renowned clinical psychologists Dr. Steven Gutstein and Dr. Rachelle Sheely and their team of consultants at the Connections Center in Houston Texas. RDI ® is a next generation approach to autism treatment based on the latest scientific research into the human brain. All brains, including those of people with autism can adapt and learn to function in a “normal” way because the brain is capable of adapting to any challenge. It just needs the right guidance, the brain will only grow and adapt if it is challenged to do so.

This Just In!  The brain changes throughout life

According to the theory of neuroplasticity, thinking, learning, and acting actually change both the brain’s physical structure (anatomy) and functional organization (physiology) from top to bottom. –Wikipedia

Neuroplasticity is a considered a new discovery to science. Scientists used to think that the brain was “immutable” (unchangeable). Now they are proving that it has radical abilities to adapt and change! These are the new scientific discoveries that>RDI is based upon. Consider this video of a young girl who had half of her brain removed. Her brain adapted to make up for the deficiencies! Imagine what possibilities these powers of the brain can have for those with>ASD and other disabilities. This is what RDI is about.

More Than A Brain: Relationships are where it’s at!

How is a person who has a disability going to find the guidance and motivation to adapt? There is really only one answer: from another human being who cares about them. This is where RDI does its work. It’s all about relationships. If you are a parent to a child with autism or other developmental disability, you need to know that you are the best and perhaps only chance for your child to reach their true potential. You, as the parent, are the secret to overcoming the challenges your child faces, and that’s why RDI focuses on you and trains you on what you need to do on a daily basis to help remediate your child’s brain architecture . See what Harvard has to say on building a strong, nurturing, stable and engaging foundation; emotional serve and return and stress.

Are you ready for a challenge?

No one can tell you this is going to be easy, but it’s going to pay off! You will need to do a lot of learning and adapting, that is the only way your child will learn and adapt. As you undergo this journey with your child, you may start to discover something truly magical. This journey is encouraging you to grow as a person while guiding your child’s growth at the same time. You will find yourself saying “I wouldn’t have it any other way”. See our testimonials to see what real parents have discovered!

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