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 Joelle Hill BA CIMI, Certified Child Sleep Consultant

Curious Minds welcomes Joelle Hill to our team of expert collaborators!!!

Joelle is passionate about healthy sleep. As a mother of two boys, she knows how important sleep is and she wants to share her knowledge with others to help them get the sleep they need.
With more than 20 years of experience in the field of Infant and Child Development and Mental Health, supporting families to meet their child’s needs, I have seen the results of positive sleep habits.  I also recognize the need for support to develop those healthy sleep habits. I provide custom support that matches the parent’s comfort level, the child’s temperament and appropriate developmental sleep needs. I value attunement and connection in helping you and your child get better sleep.
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Certifications/Training/Continuing Education

  • Certified Child Sleep Consultant, Family Sleep Institute (250+ hours in training)
  • Basic Lactation Management, Lactation Education Resources
  • Reducing the Risk of SIDS and SUID, American Academy of Pediatrics
  • GERD/Reflux, Dr. Warren Shapiro
  • Sleep Consulting for Children with Special Needs, Debbie Sasson, PsyD
  • Helping Children with ASD (and their parents) Get the Sleep they Need, Dr. Beth Ann Malow
  • Talking About Baby Sleep: Improving Outcomes in Infancy, Robyn Stremler, RN,PhD
  • Sleep: A Window on Infant and Young Children’s Development, Dr. Wendy Hall
  • Understanding Brain Differences, Sensory Processing and Self-Regulation, Marc Landry, OT
  • Infant Mental Health: The Basics, Chaya Kulkarni, BAA, M.Ed, Ed.D
  • Becoming a Behavioural Detective: Understanding and Supporting Complex Behaviours, Kim Barthel, OT
For a healthy, happy, rested family

Christine Poulton

Curious Minds welcomes Chrissy Poulton!!!

Chrissy Poulton began working in the field of Autism in 1998 while pursuing her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Rutgers University. In 2000, she gained membership in the Psi Chi, the international honor society of psychology and was the Vice President/Treasurer of the Rutgers Camden Chapter. She worked for the Lovaas Institute practicing Applied Behavior Analysis, beginning as a one-on-one instructor leading to a role as a consultant for out of state clients. She graduated Summa Cum Laude in the Summer of 2006 and received her Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from St. Cloud State University. Chrissy is also an authorized provider of the Integrated Listening Program, which is a music listening therapy that provides engaging brain stimulation to improve performance in school, work, and life.

Chrissy is a Behavioural Consultant and was previously a Certified RDI® Consultant. Chrissy became interested in Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) after attending a two day seminar hosted by Dr. Steven Gutstein, the founder of RDI®, which is a step by step, family based program, where parents and caregivers are provided the tools to turn core deficits of ASD into assets! Parents and caregivers learn how to effectively guide their child’s learning in the area of Dynamic Intelligence and in doing so help them to become flexible thinkers and creative problem solvers.

Chrissy has worked with Curious Minds for several years. She is a qualified Category A RASP service provider and is currently building a client base in BC and Alberta and supervising other cases. Please Contact usfor further information on Chrissy, her experience and availability.

Judith Barnett

Judith Barnett began her career in health care as a Registered Nurse (RN) in a neurosurgical unit in England. She qualified as an Early Childhood Educator (ECE Honours) – Special Education in 2000. Her interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders stems from having practiced at Berwick (University of British Columbia campus, Vancouver) an integrated preschool, which provides an inclusive setting for typical children and specializes in children whose needs require additional more intensive support.

In 2004, Judith traveled to Romania where she worked as a World Vision volunteer in an orphanage. The latter experience confirmed her belief about the value of providing opportunity and quality of life for all children. Judith is a former Certified RDI® Consultant and RDI® Connections Centre Supervisor for Consultants in Training. She currently works with families through out British Columbia as well as providing support to a number of preschools and elementary schools throughout the Lower Mainland. In addition, she presents annually at Langara Community College to the Early Childhood Education Department and at Kwantlen Polytechnique University. She has recently been accepted to Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking Mentorship program in San Jose, California.

Blair and Judith frequently collaborate and support one another to better serve their respective client bases.

Judith is now retired, we wish her well and she will be sorely missed for her expertise and experience in relational and developmental work in BC.