There is no greater reward than serving as a catalyst for another
persons journey towards fulfilling their true potential.
– Steve Gutstein, Ph. D.

  • RDI® Certified Consultant
  • PLAY Project™ Consultant
  • DIR/Floortime® Certified Consultant
  • PhD Student (ABD) – Infant Mental Health and Early Childhood Developmental Disorders ICDL/Fielding Graduate University
  • Educational and Behavioural Consultant

About Blair

blair_armstrongBlair Armstrong has a big heart for people with ASD and has worked for over 20 years in the autism and disabilities field. He has worked with all levels of the autism spectrum, including children who show the most severe behavioural challenges as a result of autism.

Blair has his B.Sc. and is working on his PhD (all but dissertation completed) at Fielding Graduate University in Infant and Early Childhood Disorders (Mental Health specialization). Blair’s PhD program was designed by Dr Stanley Greenspan and the professionals at the Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders. He is a Certified RDI® Consultant and DIR/Floortime Practioner. He also has experience as a Behavioural Consultant in private practice, public agencies, and special education. He worked with the provincially funded Gateway Society as the Behavioural Consultant for the 12 bed Main Treatment Center. As part of Gateway’s Outreach Behavioural Support Team, he consulted with multidisciplinary teams to design and evaluate behavioural supports for children with ASD in residential, home, school and community settings.

Blair was instrumental in the program design, planning and oversight for the Learning Centre for Autism; an innovative educational setting designed to allow children on the autism spectrum who were excluded from the public school system to receive supports for their educational, behavioural, social and emotional needs. He has supported families to communicate the needs of their child with ASD through early diagnosis, preschool, homeschooling, public education, private specialized education systems and vocational placement.

Blair works with and supports families around the world virtually and, in person, throughout the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, B.C., Alberta and Washington State.

Blair lives in Burnaby, BC, with his wife and 5 children, the youngest arriving just after Christmas 2011!

Phone: (778) 397-1624